Michael Grieve and "A Photographic Life" Parts I & II

Part I

Part II

An interview with British photographer Michael Grieve about interviewing and taking a portrait of Stephen Shore, building a life as an editorial photographer, and the influence of literature on his work. In the second part of the interview he talks about leaving England and the very personal photographic work he has been creating as of late; which will be made into a trilogy of photobooks.  


Eric Aichinger and "Photo Theory"

An interview with the lecturer, art critic, and author Eric Aichinger, about photography's relationship to theory, writing art criticism, and why he has never owned a camera.

Thanks as always to the BTK University of Art and Design for guidance and Technical Support.


Hannes Wanderer and "Peperoni Books"

An interview with Hannes Wanderer, the Berlin based photobook publisher, about starting a publishing house, the worth of a "first edition", and his friends/collaborators, Michael Wolff and Gerry Badger.

Thanks to the BTK University of Art and Design for guidance and technical support. The song "Freeways" by Kurt Vile was used under a Creative Commons license. 

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