Sirio Magnabosco and "The Poetics Of Photography & Film"

An interview with the Italian photographer and cinematographer Sirio Magnabosco about coming up as a photographer and waiting for his voice to mature before entering the editorial market, the difference between the moving and still image, and how he is finding a place for himself in an overcrowded world of images.

Links: - National Geographic Article on the energiewende - Exhibition in Berlin

Robert Lyons and "Another MFA Program"

An interview with Robert Lyons, the developer and director of the Hartford Art School international limited-residency MFA program in Photography. We talk about his early work on the people and place of Africa, his hesitant career within academia, and the philosophy behind his MFA program. A special thanks to Hannes Wanderer at Peperoni Books for helping set up this conversation.


Michael Grieve and "A Photographic Life" Parts I & II

Part I

Part II

An interview with British photographer Michael Grieve about interviewing and taking a portrait of Stephen Shore, building a life as an editorial photographer, and the influence of literature on his work. In the second part of the interview he talks about leaving England and the very personal photographic work he has been creating as of late; which will be made into a trilogy of photobooks.  


Mustafah Abdulaziz and "Water"

An interview with the American photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz about Richard Avedon's influence on his work, his long-term project on Water, and a photographer's vision being abroad.

Thanks as always to the BTK University of Design for guidance and technical support.

Links:…orld-water-day-876 — Interview about Water project…he-yangtze-river — The New Yorker article — video on London exhibition

Viktoria Sorochinski and "Anna & Eve"

An interview with the photographer Viktoria Sorochinski, about her education in photography, working with a mixture of digital and analog techniques, and her series Anna & Eve

As always thanks to the BTK University of Art and Design for guidance and technical support. 

Links: & Eve Book — Exhibition