Berlin brags about its diversity and you can see it traveling through this web of train lines. Who you are doesn’t matter, the doctor sits next to the student, the child is surrounded by wrinkled faces, and the sober judges the drunkard. This colossal group of beautiful people is bottlenecked into these steel boxes, riding from one place to another, and here they have come close enough for me to capture the life in their eyes.

What started out as a reaction became a desire, and has now evolved into what I feel is somewhat of a duty; to document the people of this vast, delightful, and sometimes frightening city and the life they live between here and there. No one else is taking this portrait of Berlin, and I hope that someday people will look back, see, and understand the beauty that initially encouraged my curiosity. A photographer once told me that you have to start taking photographs of what you know best, and that is what I am doing. This body of work is a documentation of the blood and veins of Berlin. 

Cooper Blade
Berlin 2013